Enlarging Partition SD Card autonooter


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Nov 17, 2009
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I have a 16g SD Card in my NC. Rooted using autonooter. Windows file explorer shows the SD card to be 39mb. Using Easus Partition Master I can see 3 partitions:
F:Autonooter2 Fat16
*: Fat16
* Unallocated

Can I use the following instruction from Nookie Froyo to enlarge the partition. If so which partition is the one I want to enlarge?

"For Windows, we used EASEUS partition manager (free) and it's very easy:

- connect your already-burned nookie froyo SD to your computer

- open EASEUS

- select the SD card

- select the SD card partition on the sd card (partition #4)

- right-click, and select resize/move

- drag the slider all the way over to the right to cover the remainder of the free space

- Apply

Now your SD card will use any "extra" space (apart from the boot/system/data files for the ROM) for traditional SD card storage!"


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Aug 31, 2010
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After Auto-Nooter you do not need the file on the SD card anymore. From Will Shanklin's Auto-Nooter instructions (http://forum.androidcentral.com/barnes-noble-nook-color/54069-guide-how-root-your-nook-color.html):

One last step:

You're now finished with your SD Card for rooting purposes, so you can now enable it for storage for your tablet (highly recommended):

- With the Nookcolor already powered on, re-insert the SD card (don't do this before booting, or it'll try to root again).

- Now hit the Nook Main Menu (up arrow at the middle/bottom), then Settings, then Device Info,then SD Card

- Now hit UnMount SD Card

- Finally, hit Format SD Card.

This will erase the auto-nooter files on your SD, enable it to its full storage capacity, and be ready for your use.

rick dorey

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Feb 6, 2011
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sd card partition

here's what you do. Download a copy of ubantu and burn it to a CD. Reboot your Windows computer off of the CD, going to system tools and format the SD card as a fat filesystem and then unmounted.
For no charge, only the cost of the CD, I refresh my partition size backup to full physical size of the flash.
It's cool and it works.
I keep wondering how long it is before I move from Windows 7 2 being only a Linux person. is getting closer every release.


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Feb 3, 2011
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I have two computers, one running OS X and the other dual-boot Linux and Windows. The only time I have booted into Windows in nearly a year was to use Easeus to resize the partition for Honeycomb on a SD card. I thought gparted would do it, but it didn't see the card.

Easeus could also be used to reformat a SD card.