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I mostly communicate with my Facebook page's fans by voice message.
I can send or listen to voice message with my iphone, but not on my Note 8 and 5, anytime i press the play icon, the voice message error, "Error Playing Audio".

I turn on all permission, re-install, factory reset. but the voice message still not working in the Facebook Page app in Android.

PS: the voice message work in Facebook Messenger.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Find the audio file. look at the letters after the dot. If it's not .mp3, the chances are that you don't have an app that can play it, or it's not really an .mp3 file. (The file type is determined by the data in the file. It's indicated by the extension of the name. They have to be the same. If Apple or Facebook have defined their own ".mp3" format, it's not going to work.)

If it worked on an Apple product, it may be an .aiff file, an .alac (or .m4a) file (iOS supports it natively), .ra (Real Audio) or something else.

You have to find out the file type, then find a player that will play it, or find the file using My files and tap on it. Some app should open and play it. If you get a "no app" error, it's because you don't have an app that can play that file type.

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