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Oct 22, 2012
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I posted something a while ago that was trying to help people with their connection issues because it's a hot topic of conversation. I figured I'd post my entire phone's settings and maybe that would assist some people further. Maybe the "fix" I was referring to had nothing to do with it, maybe it did. It seemed to work for me, but either way I seem to have an amazing connection 99% of the time. I've only found one spot without service, and it's literally in a hole/valley where I wouldn't expect there to be service. If it was something else you can get some insight here. Then I'll move into getting better battery life WITHOUT losing the ability to have all the fun stuff on your phone (turning off HD Youtube and Facebook wouldn't be fun, right??) I love this phone - everything about it.



-Atlanta Based, HTC EVO 4g LTE in Otterbox Defender Case
-4.0.4 Droid, 4.1 Sense
-Rooted with S-Off
-Mean ROM 5.7
-Juice Defender Ultimate (better battery, and helps with getting a better tower too! Settings in the last section of this post.)
-LTE Scan Timer set between 1-5 Seconds (Need MSL to complete)
-3G Reconnect App (free) running constantly
-Airplane Widget (made with Tasker. Used to use to get better tower, because it would rescan for towers when turned back on, but not needed anymore unless things get really out of hand)
-PRL 25006
-RTSP/HTTP Settings altered to run off a different proxy port - 555 (originally bypassed Sprint altogether by putting zeros in all the spaces)

That's the basic setup. Once everything is installed the system pretty much runs on it's own and always seems to find a strong signal. People were saying that the "fix" I had posted wasn't working for them, so I began thinking that maybe it's something to do with one of these other things. Just food for thought!


We all want bigger, better, faster without loss in performance. Guess what - The EVO can do everything you need it to do and you don't need 1500MHz to do it. Here's my entire setup. Right now I've been going exactly 24 hours and have 20% battery life remaining - and I'm a HEAVY user. So much so that my Queen yells at me sometimes! There is a little gain of 5% on the graph you can see where I was putting music on my phone, so naturally it charged for a bit, about 5%, so we'll say 22.5 hours ;)

Constant texting. I mean constant. I have a serious addiction that I should probably consider addressing. A few hours of browsing using Dolphin. Watching 4 HD YouTube videos (about 4 mins long each). Sending about 20-25 emails. More browsing the internet. Screen on for 30 minutes to put music on the SD. Taking about 15 pictures and then editing them and sending them to Instagram. Looking at Instagram pictures for about 45mins-1 hr. Screen on for an hour while typing all this. Daughter playing a game for about 45 minutes in the car. GPS scanning every two minutes, 24 hours a day regardless of if a location based profile is active in Tasker (I should probably fix that, huh? haha). WiFi or Data always on unless Juice Defender says otherwise...etc ..etc. In an 8 hr period, I'm seeing that I was using it 5 out of the 8 hours. I'm going to ballpark (because I accidentally reset my log) that I'm using the phone 75% of its uptime. No. I really don't sleep. (Okay, maybe about four hours a day. I'm a busy guy!)

I always have the following apps either running or scanning something: Juice Defender, Brightness Manager, Tasker, Smart App Protector, Juice Plotter OR Battery Info, NOVA Launcher, 3G Reconnect...I think that's all...

1. ROOT your phone and use Set CPU to control your speed. (Hell, ROOT your phone period.)
My settings are as follows, and I could even get more extreme.

Set CPU Settings:
STANDARD: 384-1350 MHz. Even that is faster than anyone needs to to what we do. Mess around...try dropping the max to 1k. You'll be fine, I promise.
SCREEN OFF: 384-384MHz, priority 100 (All profiles are exclusive)
CHARGING ANY: 384-1728MHz, Priority 90
BATTERY @ 50%: 384-1134Mhz, Priority 70
@30%: 384-918Mhz, Priority 60
@20%: 384-810Mhz, Priority 50
@10%: 384-594MHz, Priority 40

2. Download Juice Defender Ultimate (Support your developers, pay the $)

In addition, I've found that Juice Defender helps us EVO owners with connection issues. Every time you turn the screen on it searches for that signal - and CDMA phones always search for the best signal. I've always had a great connection using the screen off/data off method.

JD Settings:
Profile: Customize
Mobile Data: Enabled
WiFi: Disabled (I control it with Tasker)
Everything Else I leave off - Feel free to mess with it and see what kind of results you get.

3. I use Brightness Manager App to control my auto brightness and love it. It's entirely custom settings and let's you go far beyond the system settings. Includes a filter. (For rooted phones)
Yes, I prefer this over Juice Defender. JD's dimming is based on sunrise and sunset, whereas BM is based on what I think is too dim or too bright. Just feels more personal to me.

I have my Darkness Filter Transparency set to 95 when light level is 90 (ballpark)
Full on daylight outside and it's set at the max.
The key is to tell it how to automate. Dim Speed and Brighten Speed are set to 'Normal'.
Diming Thresholds: 15% and 1 lux. This means that change brightness if the level is altered by 15%.

4. Download ROM Toobox.
Freeze your bloatware and apps you don't need/use. Some run and transmit data, which equals battery killin'. I've frozen Gmail and Messaging and use GoSMS and K9 Mail for those curious.
SD Card Boost: I've set it to 2048KB.

5. Download Auto Memory Manager and get rid of Advanced Task Killer. Killing an entire list of apps every thirty minutes uses battery and is unnecessary. Android does a great job of dealing with memory.

AMM Settings:
HIDDEN: 38mb

6. Automate Tasker (With "Secure Settings App") / Juice Defender
If you don't need 4G then kill it and use only CDMA. 4G is a battery HOG. Big Time.
Set Tasker to turn on Mobile Data when you open a certain app and then kill it when you're done
Set it up to kill data when your screen is off
(I let Juice Defender do this in particular right now, simply because I don't have the time to program Tasker. When my screen is on, my data is on.)
Scan GPS every two or three minutes versus being constantly on. GPS is a battery hog too. This also allows for better Location based profiles.

7. Misc Items
-Turn off haptic feedback. Haptic feedback uses a motor. Batteries power that...
-Turn off auto sync.
-Facebook, Twitter, etc set to refresh every four hours - or Hell, just turn it off. You can refresh it when you open the app, remember? I prefer the iPhone approach of seeking data vs. it being fed to me.
-Minimize widgets. Are they cool? Sure they are. Tap on the Facebook icon versus scrolling through a widget. Once you click on the widget it's opening FB anyway!
-Live wallpapers only drain battery when they're running - I've seen nothing to indicate otherwise. Stick with 'em, or don't...your call. I personally use a very dark wallpaper.

8. Download GSam Battery Monitor and figure out what apps are data hogs. Google+ on my phone was using a butt-ton of data - AND I NEVER EVEN OPENED IT. This can also help you figure out what apps to freeze/delete. If you don't use it, and it's killing battery or eating up data, then get rid of it. Common Sense. (Plus you get more space out of the deal, Whoo Hoo!)

9. For Swype Beta users
System Settings...Language and Keyboard...Swype Beta...Preferences...Swype Connect...Backup and Sync, Contribute Usage Data, and Cellular Data OFF

Hope that helps someone! I'll add more tips as I think of them.


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