Excellent Q&A with MotoX engineer


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Aug 29, 2010
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And the rumor mill will start once again:

One of the more interesting aspects of the Moto X is the fact that customers will be able to customize the device to some extent through the Moto Maker website and in-store tools. Right now, it seems like all that's really customizable is the color on the back cover and the trim. And you can also choose between a 16GB version of the phone and a 32GB version. But I was wondering if, in the future, Motorola might also allow people to build their own device by customizing things, such as RAM, screen size, screen resolution, or processor speed?
Arshad: I can't say anything specific about that now. But I can say that because mobile phones must use antenna and there can be radio frequency issues, the way a phone is designed and laid out means it can be very sensitive. We do have a road map for extending the capabilities of the device and customization in the future, but I'll talk about that in the future.


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Aug 3, 2013
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The funny part is that haters have no comebacks in the comments, lol. Cuz there is really nothing more to say. lol. I like the comment that suggests that moto got left behind b/c "LG G2 is a BEAST". lmao.

or critizing the aesthetics citing engaget didn't like the case. lmao.
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Sep 4, 2011
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Some of the blame lies with Motorola for not sharing enough of the specs which gave people a lot of assumptions that turned out false. The problem is now that these people are long and gone or only pop in to flame then leave. Motorola should have said its a dual core S600 with _____ insert the other specs, then talked about the file system changes, the optimizations they've made, how much power in real numbers their language and contextual cores save, etc....

IMO this is a great interview that should have been available when the phone was announced. Now though unfortunately it feels like damage control more than anything else.....

Personally this is the phone I am getting and I'm very excited to see it come out.


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Jul 8, 2012
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really nice article!! cleared a lot of misconceptions.
I have posted this before about processor but i will do it again here

People complaining about processor. but do you know what natural language processor and contextual processor do??

Contextual processor: The contextual computing processor handles the sensors, display and touch interaction,
but it also appears to function as the primary processor when the phone is in standby mode,
including showing status and notification information on the display.

Natural Language Processor: The natural language processor deals with audio, noise estimation
and noise cancellation;

phones like N4 would use 2 cores for all of the android related task and apps use the same cores too.
The other 2 cores is useless unless some customized Apps/Android use it.

Contextual processor is used in half of what you do with smartphone leaving the other 2 processor cores to apps.

I dont know if people understand this but this is an optimized quad core processor.


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Sep 3, 2012
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Some of the blame lies with Motorola for not sharing enough of the specs which gave people a lot of assumptions that turned out false.

I get what you're saying about people being let down, but really now, it's not Motorola's fault that consumers made assumptions.

There's an old saying about what happens when one assumes things...

Morten Lund

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Aug 8, 2013
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I dont know if people understand this but this is an optimized quad core processor.

Don't think you understand multi-core computing right. More cores mean you can run more threads at the same time. Its not the same as running multiple apps at the same time. Multi core processing means that the once the processor fires up it runs ALL cores at the same "speed". If a process is only optimized for 1 core use the second core is running unused. Same reason why 8 cores don't really make sense in phones.

This is not like an optimized quad-core but more like a 3 processor chip-set with 2 low-power specialist cores, thereby removing the need for the main processor to run all sensor and voice related stuff. Its a really different way of designing a phone and one of the reasons why I will be importing one to Denmark.

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