Facebook app and Play services using data while on WiFi?


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Jul 29, 2013
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So I'm running into a weird scenario here. A family member's phone started using an absurd amount of data (mostly through Play services and Facebook app), even though the phone is connected to wifi 99% of the time. Even if the phone never was on wifi, it would be impossible to rack up over 22 gigs of data this month with the moderate usage. The family member works from home and is always connected to a strong wifi network. She bought a new Pixel 4a 5g this fall when the same problem started occuring in a previous phone (Pixel 2 XL). I just assumed that some hardware malfunction occured on her last phone and was not connecting to the wifi..

I tried to reset the phone and also rebooted it in safe mode. Nothing seems to work and more gigs of data get used every day. Anybody else ever run into this and know a fix?