Fcc - GT-i9220


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Mar 7, 2010
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The Samsung GT-I9220 has passed through FCC.

Here are the alleged specs:
The handset will come with dual-band 802.11 abgn Wi-Fi (sporting both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands). That?s not something you see every day in a smartphone right now, but it will probably become prevalent in the future thanks to the 2.4 GHz space getting pretty crowded, especially in big cities and the likes. The 5 GHz band eases some of the interference pain people have been feeling.

Anyway, the GT-i9220 will also have Wi-Fi Direct, and that?s it. Well, there have been many specs rumored for this device in the past. At first, there was even talk of it coming with a gigantic 5.3-inch screen. That has in the meantime been adjusted to 4.3-inch, and the phone is also rumored to have a Super AMOLED HD screen with 1280?720 resolution and 326 pixels per inch, a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor, and an 8 MP camera. It will apparently run Android Gingerbread.
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May 29, 2010
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The article was from before the IFA announcement so they simply didn't have the all the details nailed yet. It is 5.3" display.