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Ronald W

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Oct 13, 2023
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It looks like for some reason sometimes Android decides to delete files on it's own on my device.

When I restore a backup of the file I'm able to reopen the file, but then it gets immediately deleted again.

When I change the files name before restoring it, for example by changing the file name from "filename" to "-filename-" it doesn't get deleted.

As if my Androiddevice (or any application on it) decides to delete files based on the filenames.

This is pretty annoying and worries me, because I don't know all the files on my device by heart but some might be important and apparently they can be deleted automatically on my device...

Anyone any idea what might be going wrong?


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central forums. A bit more information please.

What device do you have?

Where are these files being stored, in your download folder, a folder you created, in an app folder? Where?

What types of files are these that you've noticed missing? JPGs, docs, PDFs, or does it not matter?

What app are you using to save these files or what is the source? A web browser, social media?

How are you accessing these files? File manager, web browser, telepathically?

What trick are you using to change the file names that you believe is working? Are you just adding a number, a letter or special character?

Finally how long have you had this device, and when did you start noticing this happening? Have you ever cleared any caches on the device as maintenance? Do you regularly power the device down and restart it?

Let us know what you find and we'll have more to go on to offer better help.

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