Findings on GPU performance control "smart algorithm".


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Mar 2, 2017
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I was kinda suspicious regarding some performance anomalies with the GPU, such as certain apps just not performing as well as others, mystery dropped frames in otherwise smooth games etc... Don't get me wrong, day to day performance is still great. Here are some weird things I found:

1)Game tuner seems to be able to get some non-benchmark apps to use higher clock frequencies, but I can't set all apps as games and flip ony custom turbo mode since Samsung messed game tuner up a few months ago (still raging BTW).

2)Demos, games and benchmarks this thing doesn't detect as "demanding" or "benchmark" software is usually (but not always) clocked to 315MHz GPU speed (even when tablet is very cold). Very weird, definitely some shenanigans going on there.

3) No doubt, it detects certain benchmarks, even if you change their package name (I had my personally modded version of one and it seemed to detect that the graphics being rendered needed higher clock speeds but didn't go non-stop fully 624MHz). I think it can detect certain graphics with high particle/gloss/shine effects used in certain benchmarks, and might also be programmed to detect certain engines and whatnot used in benchmarks.

4)RIS Project, one of my favorite graphics demos, cannot force the GPU to go above 315MHz even though it is profusely lagging. The lag is still less than on my Mediatek P20 based cellphone, but O think that the full-spec 624MHz should be activated because of the demand on the GPU. I see no reason why not. Now I cannot fully enjoy my favorite GPU demo "game".

I honestly don't know why the "smart" control of the GPU is obviously favoring low heat and battery life over performance. I mean, the tablet is barely warm to the touch, or even completely cold in most of the situations, and CPU temp never goes above 85 degress celsius (usually hovering 50-75 in most of these GPU-focused things). I know this tablet well and it was not thermal throttling.
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