Fingerprint sensor occasionally disappearing - have to swipe and use PIN


Jul 15, 2017
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Hi, so was on my job doing my thing with the phone on my pocket, think the phone reset on my pocket so put my pin and now I don't have the finger scanner on my menu, can't unlock the phone with the scanner, did a turn off phone and a restart but still no scanner, any help?


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Aug 1, 2019
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Any of you also have this on rare occasion. It's happened a few times now although not too often. You go to unlock your phone with your fingerprint and nothing happens at all. Try again and nothing. Wake the screen and you find the fingerprint graphic doesn't show and it won't respond at all to fingerprints until you unlock the phone with your PIN then re-lock and now it's working again.

I'm not talking about the security feature that requires you to enter your PIN to unlock every, what is it 48 or 72 hours?, that I know is so you don't forget your PIN/password. This is like the app for the fingerprint sensor crashes in the background or something. Not sure if that is what's happening cause as mentioned simply using the PIN then re-locking gets it showing up again. Quite annoying when it happens.


Brother, I know how you feel and I'm with you, it's not the security feature mentioned!
I have the same behavior on my S10. In about 80% when I unlock my phone, the fingerprint icon isn't shown/working and also the face unlock isn't working and I have to unlock with PIN/pattern.
When the fingerprint icon is shown, it works realy well.
Did you find any solution? Don't want to fully reset the phone :(

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