Floating Bubble on screen, can't get rid of it.


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Aug 28, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G
Latest OS update

The bubble is for Tasker.
The system put it there. I think maybe right after my latest OS update.
I cannot get rid of it.
Nothing seems to happen when I push it.
In Tasker, i hit "disable Tasker"
and Exit.

The bubble can be moved anywhere on the screen. It sticks to the side of the screen, if I move it over there.

I turned on my phone, a message popped up saying would I grant permissions for something. I thought it was to write over the screen.
I said yes for some other app, and it went away and was done. Then it asked again for the permissions, this time for Tasker. I said yes. This bubble appeared. I tapped it to see what it would do. It's been with me ever since :-(

Help. Thanks .


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