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Feb 24, 2018
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I just dropped my fold 4 off at ubreakifix for repair...maybe. It needs the normal 6 month screen protector replacement and it does not open all the way.

On the screen protector they said Samsung stopped replacing them, so I would probably have to pay for that which is $20. Normally I would be ok with that, but when they can't even get 6 months before peeling I think Samsung should replace them under warranty period at least. So basically Samsung knows the screen protectors won't last and don't want to stand behind them during the warranty.

The not opening all the way is more concerning. First I'm going to say I've been using my S23U for awhile, I went to switch to the fold and it wasn't opening correctly, so it wasn't even being used. They said to expect Samsung to deny the warranty on it as in the past Samsung says the not opening all the way is normal break in and not covered. Now granted, it opens most the way, but there's an indent, bend at the center of screen more then normal making the fold mark more noticable.

So we'll see how Samsung responds to their new, better improved hinge. For Samsung to say it's normal for the phone not to open all the way is ridiculous at best. Their response will dictate how I move on with the folding phones. I don't have a issue replacing screen protectors as something that sticks to the screen that bends over and over is expected to fail over time. It's a weak point of the folding phones that who knows how to fix. Just think within warranty they should just replace it once, it's a $2,000 phone after all.

The hinge different story. They bragged that it's a better hinge, then stand behind it. Don't say that's normal, because it's not. It could be that dust got in the hinge area and caused it, but that would have to be a lot of dust. If it is dust, then paying $2,000 for a phone that can do that by sitting in a drawer is not something I'm willing to continue my journey on folding phones with.

Well, we'll see how Samsung handles this and go from there. I'll keep everyone posted on the results.
Samsung just replaced mine free!

Mr Segundus

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Apr 24, 2018
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Number 2 iphone coming for wife. It'll be a little process but eventually all 10 cell phones on my account which currently is Samsung will be iphone or something besides Samsung. There will be a fold 4 coming up for sale and a S23U.

It's the iphone perfect, no. Neither is Samsung. Samsung loses when it comes to customer service. I'm definitely leaving the fold phones for now. I'll stick around and help when I can. I've been seen Samsung since note 2.

I will tell you the forum support for Android is a lot better. The apple forums are dead, at least at it is in Iforum. We are like a family here, crickets over there. Maybe I'm in the wrong spot.
iMore iPhone forums are dead because 1) there’s not really much to talk about with iPhone since iPhones only come out once a year and 2) people don’t have many problems with iPhones.

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