( force closes gps issues??) network and software hard reset all in one!!


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Mar 16, 2010
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ok i just got off the phone with a sprint rep, who surprisingly was very helpfull he told me three things. first if your have an awful amount of force closes getting stuck in calls and gps issues do this . from the home screen click on your dialer and type in ##786# then hit reset you may be asked to enter a (msl) that your going to have to get from a rep i just tried to do it on my g/f's phone and it didnt work with the code i recieved initially.when you do get it do exactly what it says it will reboot 2 times dont do anything on your phone until you see the searching for network lock screen then your done.
second the android update has been confirmed for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment the rep had a moment and said the update is either on 3/31 or within week one of april garanteed !
and lastly no confirmed dates but confirmed decision that sprint will be getting a 4g iphone by the 4Q of 2010.
i did ask him on pricing for the evo fellas but couldnt get anything sorry:( post replies and let me know if this helped
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