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Forget my prvite mode password

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Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
You mean the one to get into the phone?

Congratulations - you now own a very expensive paper weight. You can try using Android Device Manager to set it to something else (and write this one down), then wait at least 24 hours before trying it.


Q&A Team
May 4, 2011
What @Rukbat said... password systems aren't meant to be broken easily. If they were, why would you bother using them?

Or, did you just forget the private mode password used to protect sensitive information (photos, etc.) from prying eyes? If so, you've just lost all of them. If you reset this password, the items you've protected with them will disappear. And that's for the same reason I stated above... if you could break this system easily, why would you use it?