Forward text messages


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Aug 28, 2011
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First, here's a bit about my environment:
Samsung S2
Android 4.?
Provider is Sprint
I have GO SMS Pro installed as well as the standard messaging app.
Evernote is also installed

Here's the goal:
Get the text message into Evernote. (nice if it could be automatic, somehow)

Each message comes from a unique sender, so none are threaded.
If I long press on an individual message in a thread, I see an option to share, and from there I select evernote and it works fine. Problem, as I mentioned is that non of the messages are threaded and a single message does not present me with the share option.

I've tried to forward to an email address, but that breaks it into 5 or 6 sections to stay under the 160 character count. (kind of like assuming all web browsing is using a 56k modem)

I'm open to all suggestions including trying other sms apps.

If I can make this work, it will save me almost an hour of labor time each day.