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Jul 20, 2018
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HI guys!
I have to share with you this game I am playing for a while.
Why? Because its an awesome strategic game in space (SF), Astronest The Beginning!
I tried a lot of strategy space game and for now, my favorite is still Astronest.
There are maybe better games for the graphic but this game is pretty old and with the last update it is soooo good!(yes they keep making updates after all those years! The game was realsed in 2005 or 2006 something like that.)
And I have the feeling they are really listening users opinion...
Another good point is... it doesnt ask for a lot of space of my phone !

The heroes and the fitting fleet system are kinda "unique" in my mind, that makes every fight very strategic.
(of course, I was kinda disappointed by the way to fight, at the beginning, but after understanding why they made it like this, you can understand that it is very strategic/tactical)

I forgot to say that, they are also doing a lot of event of Facebook so we can obtain few items for free :)

Have you ever tried it? If like this kind of game you should try !

We need more allies fighting for Terra (too many Neo... its sometimes hard to win the war)

Come guys !! And Fight for Terra :D


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