[FREE][Memory Game] High Memory: level up player


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Dec 24, 2016
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Hello! It's my first game on Google Play!

Try to play, write what came of it. Please give me feedback, it is important for me. Write on e-mail (radosvard(*)gmail.com) or in this post. Thanks.

High Memory: level up player

This is a application where you have to open pairs of cards and find duplicate.

How to improve memory? Regularly playing memory game. Forced to myself not there need. Just because you may want to periodically open the game to get the next level. Accumulate experience and get reputable infinite skill levels of player.

This game is based on classic match pairs games for enhancement memory and concentration by systematic mind exercise with play fun practice.

* accounting of experience the player
* endless levels of player
* 5 difficulty levels game field
* 3 simple set of visual color card
* high scores separately for level field and cards set
* player profiles

Simple graphic symbols on the cards (numbers, letters, shapes) do not distract attention.

Attempt to pass a hard or a very hard mode. It's really hard, and the reward is much higher. Recommended start with easy field level.