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Apr 24, 2017
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Do you like a war strategy game?
Then check this out!
It's a free mobile game called [World of Commanders].

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Based on the World War 2, World of Commanders offers more than 500 historical units used by more than 60 countries during World War 2.
You can use more than 500 iconic World War2 units from different countries such as M4 Sherman, Tiger, Panther, Mustang, and Spitfire!


World of Commanders boasts realistic type effectiveness system based on more than mere level and grade.


Also, it offers historical battle simulations from German invasion of Poland to Japan's defeat.
In 'Campaign Mode', you can have war simulation of historical battles such as Normandy Invasion and Battle of Stalingrad.


In 'Operation Mode', you can build your base and defeat other users to occupy their territory.


In 'Challenge Mode', enemies with different concept appear every day and you can fight with them.2208x1242_06.jpg

Also, it's not hard to get free items in this game.
You can get free gold twice a day and the PVP ranking rewards are pretty generous.

Most importantly, this is all FREE!

Download and play [World of Commanders] for free, right now!

- Google: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...com.ntosgames.projectwoc&hl=en&token=-Laxw6D-

- Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1126759478?at=10l3Vy


Be a page of history!
You can become the hero who leads the World War 2 to victory!
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