G5S+ LTE speed is horrible


May 28, 2011
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Hi I have a G5S+. My wife has a G5+. After being frustrated with the LTE speed, I decided to compare them. All phones are on Verizon.

G5S+ LTE 700 -110db
2.78 MBS down .05 up
Ping 53 jitter 147

G5+ LTE 700 -107db
7.5 MBS down .06 up
ping 40 jitter 52

These tests were taken while they were next to each other and connected to the same speedtest server. Any ideas other than a new phone? As a side note my daughter has an Iphone 8+ and got 22 down and 2 up although she wanders between band 13 and 4. The motos never see band 4.