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Apr 9, 2012
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I have the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch. It was connected and working fine to phone 1. (LG V60)
I got a new phone and use the "connect to a new phone option" is the setting of the watch. The watch went into resetting mode and waits for the pairing of the new phone.
Phone 2. (Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
I get to the part where you have to sign in to my Samsung account and realized I forgot my password. So I reset the password and proceeded with the pairing and connecting. Now
I get numerous error messages like "something went wrong" "Unable to unlock phone" and realized I forgot to disable "Re-activation Lock" on phone 1 before resetting the phone. Now a message on the watch states "the Reactivation lock is on and the phone can only be activated with the phone that was used to lock it" (Which I think is ridiculous) Now that I have changed the password to the Samsung account, both phones are stating that "This Samsung account does not match with the account used to lock the phone" I can see the new phone and the watch in the Samsung FindMyPhone feature via phone and the website but cannot remove the reactivation lock there because that is where I keep getting the "O00ps....Something went wrong" error.

Does anyone know how to get around this? Thanks.

NVM....I figured it out. apparently, I had 2 Samsung accounts setup. One Gmail and one Yahoo. I was using the wrong account to setup the watch. I got it now.
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