Galaxy Gear will not charge. :(


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Apr 25, 2018
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Hey Nikhil,

Im sure you either already sorted this out or have sold your gear to someone else, but I just got a brand new Gear (out of box) and had the exact same issue as you did (Also from South Africa and bought the Gear online)

1. plug charging cradle into Laptop that is on charge using Samsung microUSB cable (e.g. charging cable for Galaxy S4);
2. Fold a small piece of paper to fit into the charging cradle so that the power button is being pushed in when the Gear is placed in the cradle;
3. Carefully place the Gear in the charging cradle so that the pins are making contact and the piece of paper is pushing the power button in, and close the cradle;
4. Walk away for about 10 mins;
5. Check Gear - it should be saying "Samsung Gear Rebooting..." if it isn't, tap the screen.
6. Once you have it on (either showing the above message - an orange clock thing- or a batter with 0% charged), unplug it, remove the piece of paper, and then plug it into the wall socket with provided charging cable and cradle. It should show you that it is charging and then give you a percentage charged indication (tap screen if you have plugged it in an left it alone for a while to get the charging screen again).

I was about to send my Gear back to the online company I bought it from, but got the little bugger working.
Hope this helps


Thanks for really good advice, John, this repair worked for my Samsung Gear 1 watch too. :)

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