Galaxy Note 4 New User Questions

Dec 4, 2014
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Hi, everybody, I have diligently read this forum for three days, and decided to post my experiences and a few questions from a novice Note 4 user.

I got the Note yesterday, and my previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Overall I have very positive feelings about the Note.

1. Bluetooth connectivity. I was worried reading about Bluetooth car issues, especially the ones reported by Subaru owners, as I drive a 2012 Impreza.

On Galaxy S5 forums I have read that Subaru head units have a flaw, where phone pairing setup only works correctly if done through the voice interface. So, as soon as I got the Note, I removed the old phone from the car settings, added the new one (all using the voice controls), and I am happy to report that in two days I have been using the phone the car connectivity seems to work no-problem. Knock on wood. The phone connects automatically when I enter the vehicle just fine.

2. My previous phone had stock Android operating system; as such I enjoyed built-in WiFi tethering at no extra cost. The Note 4 comes with what appears to be a Verizon Mobile Hotspot application. What is the deal with that? Verizon used to charge like $20 a month for that functionality. I tried the hotspot, and it works. Is this now free on Verizon, or am I going to see the extra charge on my next bill?

If it makes any difference, I am on the “4GB More Everything Unlimited Talk and Text” domestic family share plan. In the included features, among other things, I see the following:

4G Mobile Hotspot Provisioning

3. My previous phone had software buttons, the Note 4 has hardware Apps, Home, and Back buttons, which I like. The problem is, some older applications would have added a fourth, action overflow, button, and put things like application settings behind it. Is there an action or something to emulate the fourth button press?

One example is the excellent FlightTrack application. How do you get to the settings, which hide behind the now invisible action overflow button?

4. Has anyone had success with Screen Mirroring to Amazon Fire TV Stick? Both the Note and the stick see each other, both indicate that the connection gets initiated; but then the stick just goes one screen back, and the Note displays an error message that connection could not be established. What is wrong here?

Thank you.


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Oct 30, 2014
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Welcome to Android Central, you came to the right place. Congrats on getting your Note 4, you're going to love it, I am confident.

You didn't really have a question that I could tell with #1, so I answered the rest:

2. Most carriers now don't charge extra for the tethering...if you're on a shared data plan like it sounds like you are. Whatever data you use while tethering simply goes against your plan. You should read about this on Verizon's website to verify.

3. Use the recent apps button as your settings button: Long press on the recent apps button to get to settings. Alternatively, you can also look for the "stacked buttons" icon in the top right of your screen: ic_menu_overflow_dark.png this is your settings menu within most apps.

4. I don't use the Fire Stick, hopefully someone else can come along and help.

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