Galaxy Note 5 won't turn on???


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Feb 3, 2017
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Hello I am new to this forum!
When I first got my note 5 in june 2016 I loved it but I want to say a few weeks in I had my first problem of the screen not turning back on. I looked at this forum and rebooted the phone and it was working fine. Today I looked at my phone and saw that I received some messages but turned the screen off. Five minutes later I tried to turn on the screen to look at the messages I just kept seeing the Samsung screen as if it was turning on or off but did not show the sprint screen right after or turn on at all. The Samsung screen appears bluish around it and sort of scratchy? Sort of glitchy? Not normal at all and while I tried rebooting or trying other methods mentioned on here, the phone won't turn on. :( During one of the times I was trying to reboot the phone I managed to turn on the notification light? It is purplish white right now and won't turn off. I don't know what to do and I have had the phone for less than a year :'( :( Any help or advice would be appreciated.