Galaxy S3 music player and SMS inbox Issue

Shakir Inamdar

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Jan 11, 2013
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Hello everyone,
I am Shakir. I am from India and currently working in UAE. I am new to this forum. Ever since i upgraded my Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 to Jelly Bean 4.1 i have been facing 2 issues constantly.

1. When i try to go to my SMS inbox it automatically goes back to the home screen. After several attempts i succeed in accessing the inbox. Restarting the handset would solve the issue for sometime but the problem reoccurs.

2. Another issue i have been facing is when i am playing the music through the default music player or any other player the music pauses for few minutes then again starts playing for few seconds and then pauses back. This keeps on continuing.

I have tried to reset my handset couple of times to factory default settings. This would resolve the above 2 issues for few days and then again the problems would re appear. I have tried searching for solutions but haven't come across any so far.

Thank You.


Apr 17, 2013
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Unfortunately I don't have a solution for you, but my wife is having a similar issue on her S3. She has had the sms app freeze every day or two. The stock sms app would flash to the "no messages" screen the way it would look if you had just opened it for the first time and she wouldn't be able to send or receive messages. Restarting the phone solves the issue temporarily on hers as well. She is on the Telus network in Ontario Canada and we have exchanged the phone for a new one as well as exchanged the sim card and still the issue persists. I don't know what else but the network could be the issue. Have tried disabling stock sms app and using others and still no results. If you find a solution please share it as I have searched alot and like you come up empty handed, appears very few are having similar issues.