Galaxy Tabs upgraded to Lollipop?


Jul 20, 2014
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Hi. I'm in the market for a new tablet, and since there have been issues with KitKat and moving things to the SD card, I was wondering are any of the Galaxy Tabs going to be getting upgraded to Lollipop? I know, at least, on my phone, with an SD card in place, while I was running Kit Kat, I would regularly get told that an app wasn't installed (and the apps would change) if they were on my SD card. Sometimes waiting a few days "brought it back", and sometimes I would have to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Granted, that was on my phone. I haven't used an SD card on my current tablet, but in order to save some money, rather than buying a 32 gb tablet, I was planning on buying a 16 gb and then using an SD card to bring it up to 32 gb.


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Mar 14, 2012
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Do not buy the Tab 4, this series of tablets from Samsung are absolutely complete garbage. Antiquated processor, low memory, low resolution, no MHL support, the list just goes on and on of pure crapiness. I know their cheap but you'll defiantly feel that cheapness the very instant you turn it on. Also the low end Tab series never get updated, the Tab 3 still hasn't received a 4.4.4 update for goodness sakes. Grab the Tab S or Pro if you absolutely need to go with Samsung but just know, even then don't expect Lollipop anytime soon. Samsung just doesn't update their devices very often once shipped, if ever. Personally I would buy the Nvidia Shield Tablet as it's one of the fastest Android tablets on the market and stuffed full of features like HDMI out and a stylus. A feature, HDMI, that I use daily with my connected projector. Not only that but it's awesome at games, especially when paired with the Nvidia Shield GamePad. Also your guaranteed updates in a timely manner as this is a reference device, like the Nexus, you will always get updates way before the others, especially Samsung. The new Nexus 9 is also a good buy, just got one myself. Please, please, save your sanity and stay completely away from the Tab 4, you will be so dissatisfied that it might turn you away from tablets forever. Yea, their that bad.

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