[GAME][FREE] Travel Game - Quiz Of The World Countries Capitals


Oct 12, 2017
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We just published our first game ever. It is a travel/geography quiz called Geography Quiz Questions Country National Flags

In it we added questions for all the countries in the world separated on 4 categories. There are three types of questions:

  • Countries questions - capitals, cities, landmarks, culture and etc. Top things you need to know per country.
  • Flag questions - you should guess the flag of the country
  • Travel questions - questions from all of the parts of travelling

One game is considered as a trip in the countries you will be playing. You will gather points with which you compete with your friends and gather accomplishments. You will also earn in-game currency with which you could skip questions and see the correct answer.


We hope that you will enjoy our game.


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Jan 7, 2016
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