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Andrew Martonik

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Aug 12, 2011
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I was wondering if you need a constant internet connection to play games on the Shield TV ?

Well that depends on the type of games you'd like to play. The Shield offers three types of gaming experiences: local games, GeForce Now streaming and GameStream streaming.

1. For local Android games, you'll only have to download the game and then it'll play locally without an internet connection. Some games may require a data connection, though, for authentication or for assets that are loaded at the time of launch.

2. GeForce Now is purely streaming — there's no local gameplay. The quality of the video and the entire experience is extremely dependent on your connection speed.

3. GameStream is streaming games as well, but from a PC on your local network rather than over the internet. The process itself doesn't require an internet connection ... but you do need a local network. The games themselves may require an internet connection on the PC's end, though.

I expand on all 3 options in my Shield review, if you're interested in knowing more. NVIDIA's own website does a decent job of explaining it all as well.

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