Getting an Android Marketplace-purchased app into the Android Emulator?


Nov 25, 2009
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For one of my tech blogging projects, I'll be creating a series of instructional/tutorial videos on how to use Android phones and showing off the cool things that they can do, etc. My phone (Samsung Moment) doesn't have a video output, so I can't just take it and shove it into a video capture card. And pointing a camcorder at the thing while I fuss about with it is definitely a non-optimal solution. So I figured I'd get the Android SDK and run the emulator on my computer, using screencasting software to capture a screencast of me using the emulator. This is working pretty well for the core Android apps (browser, contacts, etc.).

However I would like to start showing off third party apps that can be found online. Now I can easily do this for Android applications distributed in an "ad hoc" manner (i.e. their developers make the .apk's available from their websites - for example, the Evernote Beta, which isn't yet on the Marketplace but is available for download on the Evernote forums). But is there a way I can get apps that I purchased on the Android Marketplace into the emulator? Either by copying them from my Android phone, or somehow downloading them directly on the emulator? (There is no Android Marketplace app in the emulator so I'm not sure how I would do this)

Alternatively, is there a way I can capture my Android phone's screen output over the network, similar to the way the "DemoGod" and "ScreenSplitr" utilities work on jailbroken iPhones?

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