Getting sick of seeing users that root...


Nov 16, 2009
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I'm really getting sick of seeing users that root their phone but don't know what it does, how to undo it.

But what makes this worse is people who flash their phone and don't know how to get back then expect people to help them at the drop of a hat because of their screw up.

Sorry for ranting but I just had a few friends ask me how to get back and they just wouldn't listen to me! PLUS I WAS EATING DINNER!!! :<!


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Dec 14, 2009
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Does this include making a backup that we can install if we brick for some reason? Or do you still have to make a nandroid backup anyways?

SMupdater witll intall the latest Nandroid sholes has put out. Then it will ask you what rom you want to put on there. Then you choose your rom wait about 5 minutes to download the 90mb file depending on your speed. Then it will ask you to flash once its done and when you confirm yes, it will restart your phone, make a nandroid backup, then flash the ROM for you. It will ask you what to install. I suggest not installing the 2.1 launcher, it was constantly force closing on me and the default one that it installs has 5 screen anyway. So no need for it just to have the 3d app drawer that isnt to impressive anyway or showing the little screen cards.

If it makes you fell better do a full nandroid backup before you install by yourself.


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Jan 9, 2010
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It is a learning experience. For me coming from a blackberry, it has been rough as the terminology is different. I am slowly learning. :)


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Oct 28, 2009
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I think it's funny a while back ago I got my gf an iphone and I unlocked it for her.. but with my droid I have no intention of rooting my Droid.

I had to actually look it up the benifits to rooting your phone.

Benefits of Root | Root Your Droid

Yeah, I've gone through and rooted mine... didn't find any real benefit other than overclocking yet... I did the overclock and really, the phone wasn't NOTICEABLY faster, but it did seem to have more errors so I've now reverted back to an unrooted droid.

The only real benefit I see is being able to visually change things (ie. transparent notification window, black top bar, etc.), but I never spent enough time to figure out exactly how to do that...

I think i'll just wait and play with this 2.1 update when it comes out... do that for a while then maybe consider heading the route of the root again...

Geezer Squid

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Dec 14, 2009
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Well, I've been on both sides of this issue. I orginally, having come from BlackBerry/Palm Treo to the Droid, had a lot of questions. I did figure out how to root and ended up with the Bugless Beast Roms. I now answer questions for others and enjoy doing so. I only have to contend with forum questions. So, no one interrupts my dinner. You really have a problem with your friends, not with rooting/hacking noob's in general. Inform your friends they are now on a "strike" system and after interrupting your supper, they all have one strike.

The things I love about root are the speed (1 ghz) and all the good 2.1 apps and the good Milestone apps on a totally stable platform. Using Setcpu's profile system I now actually have better battery performance. YMMV

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