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Google Pixel 2 messaging issues (fail to send and not sending pics)

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I have the Google Pixel 2 and I've been having issues with my messaging app (using the Verizon messages app as opposed to message +). My messages are constantly failing to send and I oftentimes have issues getting picture messages to send to certain iphone users. Ive had this phone for nearly a year now and these issues have only appeared in the last month or two. Im wondering if some setting got messed up after my last update, but I havent seen anything when looking through my settings. Any ideas on whats going on and how to fix it?

Daggerwin Android

New member
Feb 23, 2019
Probably you need to do a hard restart or reboot the phone.Or IF ALL DON'T WORK go into the Android Operation System (AOS) and press on factory preset.THIS WILL NOT AFECT YOUR ACCOUNTS AND EMAIL.YOU WILL HAVE A PHONE WITHOUT DATA BUT YOU CAN FIX THAT.Go to you carrier and try to make them send your data.If that doesn't work get a new phone.