News Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Stanley Kubrick

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Jun 14, 2011
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I feel that it's far, far too early to state anything definitive about the Tensor 3. Only time, and REAL LIFE customer use will let us know if it's any good or not! All these articles touting this-or-that about the Pixel 8's is just fluffy click bate. When it gets into the average persons hands is when we'll know for sure!


Dec 27, 2011
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Jesus, this website is unusable. As I scroll down , the article stops loading and I get a white screen. Sometimes a bit more loads but mostly not. Ads galore throughout the whole page, many of which struggle to load.
Windows Central is the same. Your content delivery mechanism is broken. Have had this issue loads with these sites.
Nothing to do with bandwidth ( on a 1Gbps fibre) and all other sites fine. Unless you are deliberately trying to screw up the experience for iPhone (13 pro) users!!?