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Google Play Services crash when playing ICE


New member
Nov 24, 2014
Have a really annoying problem with Google Play services right now. Whenever I try to play ICE, it just spams the screen with "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped working" messages. I've tried everything from uninstalling reinstalling google play services, cleaing cache, clearing data, factory reset, clearing data for play store, everything. The only thing that actually makes the messages stop is freezing google play services with Titanium Backup.

I've noticed that the messages usually start when the little login notification for google play games comes in from the top. It comes down about three quarters and then the messages stop and the little notification thing disappears before fully coming down. Tried uninstalling google play games but it doesn't solve the issue. I have google play services crash occasionally on other apps as well, but that usually just shows it once and never comes back. When playing ICE, it just spams the screen with the message. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks!

Running ViperOne ROM version 3.2.1 with ElementalX v2.00 kernel. Android 4.4.4

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