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Mar 25, 2011
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I am thinking of moving my number to GV. I've read a ton of threads, but many were when it first came out.

If I do move my number:

1) Can I use the existing visual vm on my phone? I know for txt I can, but can I still send/receive txt from the web using GV?

2) Is it still true that if I call people with Sprint from my phone, they will be charged because my number will be considered a landline?

3) Has anyone had any problems with downtime, delays, missing calls etc? I am slightly worried that adding google into the mix can create a finger pointing situation (call Sprint, no it's google, no call sprint) when things go wrong.

4) Do you use call screening? It seems handy, but having to press a button after answering to really answer the call seems like a hassle. Does it work different on a sprint phone?


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Nov 9, 2009
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#1 - Not sure. Never used another visual voicemail besides Voice. Transcriptions are not always the best, but usually get enough right to allow me to decide whether or not I need to actually listen to the message.

#2 - If your Sprint number and GV number are the same, then I don't believe it matters. If you are using a second number as your GV number, then I believe it counts as a landline (or at least not mobile), and therefor against anytime minutes.

#3 - I have not had any issues using GV. For me it is nice because I have two phones, and can have a call ring through to a second phone. This allows me to only carry one phone if I want.

#4 - I do not use the call screening. You can turn that off in the settings if you want it to be like any other call.


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Nov 11, 2010
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The newer numbers from Google voice are not all landlines. You can use number guru to find out. My Google voice number was originally a metro pcs number so it still shows as a mobile number when I call other people.

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