GPS randomly stops working on S9+.

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I rely on GPS on my S9+ several times a day. Last week Monday, suddenly it stopped working. I hadn't updated it, and had just used it a few hours prior, so there was no change to the device. What happens is the GPS will show a location (it might say "searching for GPS" for some time), but the location doesn't update often or accurately. What that means, is the Google Maps "Navigation" (where it shows the arrow, etc) doesn't work. It will show the 'route', but the blue dot might update once every 5 minutes, or even less.
Within a day or two it randomly started working again.
During this time, any app that uses GPS doesn't seem to work - I tried Uber, and same issue.
I've tried turning location services off and on again. Airplane mode off and on, and this morning I did a factory wipe and tried using Google Maps when the phone reloaded, without installing ANY updates.
Same issue.
Any ideas what I could do next to troubleshoot?
The phone is in MINT condition. never dropped, not a scratch, scuff, etc.