Grandfather unlimited vs the new unlimited


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Nov 27, 2016
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I read that there are limitations with the new unlimited but I'm actually not familiar with limitations with the grandfather unlimited and was wondering what would be the difference between the two.

The new unlimited seems to appeal to me as I only have 250 text x month, 550 minutes x month and no hot spot and I understand text, calls are unlimited plus the hot spot which I would love to have wheels we go out on trips.
I average about 5gb per month but when we hit the roads I obviously use more. I have use up to 32gb in one month but that's only in very long trips.

Wonder if it would be worth switching to the new unlimited data plan as it would cost us about the same but we would have "unlimited" everything, my wife only have 2gb but she uses less than that anyways but we would be getting the extra gravy.

Anyone familiar with the grandfather unlimited that could chime in?

Thanks in advance


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Apr 23, 2011
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Well if 32gb is your max, then you may be de prioritized over 22 gb in heavy load situations. However if during those times you split the usage between you and your wife so that no line goes above 22 gb then you shouldn't be de prioritized.

You also only get 10gb hotspot per line high speed, snail speed above that


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Jul 11, 2012
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Based on your usage, I'm assuming you don't stream a whole lot of video... Even if you do get throttled from having exceeded 22GB (which isn't (allegedly) universally applied after 22GB, but rather only as network demands dictate) streaming video is really the only thing with which you'll find yourself crippled - VZ 3g is still normally 1.5-3Mbps download. Not blazingly fast, but certainly functional for most things (unlike T-Mobile's throttling to 2g, and more specifically, what appears to be GPRS instead of the slightly faster EDGE, so about 0.1Mbps).

If you don't ever exceed your minutes and have no use whatsoever for hotspot, stick with what you've got. But that hotspot feature can be really nice if you ever travel with a tablet, laptop, etc...

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