Great app for families - divorced and not - a private "Facebook" for families


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Nov 30, 2009
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I stumbled on this app - SquareHub - the other day while looking for a way for my ex and I to be on the same page with our schedules and for the kids to freely communicate with each of us but without the public nature of Facebook.

It's free, and is similar to a private Facebook just for your family. And there can be private posts within that as well. I spoke to the developer for 30-40 minutes and he's a great guy who started the app with a very simple purpose - to allow families (particularly those divided by divorce or other circumstances) to communicate easily and securely. He's passionate about what he's doing and I think he has a great product. Whether you have a big family that all lives under one roof, or a family separated by jobs, school, deployments, divorce or whatever else, this is a great little app to stay in contact, post pictures, keep up to date with schedules, etc, without all the public exposure of Facebook.

It's available for Android, iPhone, and Kindle, so it will work on pretty much any platform any member of the family may have. Highly recommended. And the developer's blogs on the main web site - Squarehub | Where Your Family Connects - are great as well.

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