Group text causing delay in all text messages, is there a fix for this?


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Group text causing delay in all text messages

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Android 5.0.1

Whenever I receive a group text message it will cause all of my texts (within the group and others) to be received late. It also will cause any texts that I send to be sent and received by the recipient on a delay. I was using the stock messaging app and then tried Textra and then Hangouts but neither fixed the issue. I called AT&T customer service and they were useless. This is really irritating. It will cause all messages to be delayed for about 1-2 hours as soon as I receive a group text. Does anyone know how to fix this or what the cause is? I just got this phone in early May and never had this problem with my previous phone. I have been using Android phones for three years now so it has nothing to do with de-registering my number with Apple.


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May 23, 2010
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Re: Why are group texts causing ALL of my texts to be delayed?

Has this issue recently started? I would suggest updating the phone if an update is available. Also check that you have the correct APN settings for AT&T.


Jul 4, 2011
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Re: Group text causing delay in all text messages

I have been having this issue for a long time. I had Nexus 5 on AT&T and now Moto X (2014) on Verizon and still the same issue. I found that when I send a group message to iPhone users the messages are delayed. If everyone in the group have Android phones, I don't experience this issue. Alternatively, if an iPhone user starts a group message and I'm involved (the sole Android user) I'm the only one who has delays, in sending and receiving. Everyone else receives their messages immediately from the iPhone users, not from me. If 2 or more android users are involved in these MMS messages with iPhone users then only the Android messages are delayed (all android users experience this). Not sure if it is an iPhone or Android issue, but I only experience it when sending MMS cross-platform.

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