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Sep 4, 2013
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Not sure if anyone had the idea first, but here's one game that's pretty odd but unique.

We all know that the cameras in our mobile devices are really good to the point where they can rival many point-and-shoots (note that I didn't say DSLR because that's a far stretch). So, here's a game where you take photos of a subject with different devices and post them here but you don't say which device took which photo. Just list the device you used and have others guess which photo is taken by which.

1) Use Auto mode only. No manual adjustments unless it's to fix any exposure issues.
2) The subject has to be the same for every device.
3) No post-processing can be done in Photoshop or other editors unless it's to crop.
4) Try to get the aspect-ratio on every photo alike. Therefore, if most of your devices take photos in 4:3, tweak the rest so that they take photos in 4:3 as well. You may crop them if the feature is not available. The resolution difference is negligible, since the forums has to compress the images.
5) You only get one chance at each group of photos.
6) You only need to get one photo right to qualify. However, the winner is the one who gets the most photos right. If no one gets one right, a randomizer will randomly pick the next participant.
7) The winner will then continue the game by posting pictures taken with his/her devices.
8) The announcement of the winner can come at a random time, so make sure your guess counts!

Alright, let's get this show on the road!

These photos are taken with the following devices. Your task is to find out which one took which! Good luck! ;)
1) Apple iPad (3rd generation)
2) LG G4
3) Samsung GALAXY S II
4) HTC One (M7)
5) Samsung GALAXY S III
6) Apple iPhone 4S
7) Sony Alpha a6000


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