Has anyone heard anything about possible future updates on the Honor 8?


Aug 19, 2016
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So I just bought the Pearl color honor 8 in a 64g which this will actually be my third time owning this phone. My previous two times owning this phone were one in blue and in black so I thought the Pearl White would be a nice change plus I wanted the 64g this time because I have decided to slow down on buying and testing out new gear which I've ton on a regular basis ever since coming over to Android about a year and a half ago. I've always loved the honor 8 as it's probably my favorite Android phone of all time and I've been through a lot of phones. I personally don't think honors EMUI is nothing remotely like that of Android. It's highly unique and vastly different. I say that in a good way because the software is butter smooth and every bit as fluid as Apple IOS which I know very well being exclusive to it for many years. So here I am I've finally decided to settle down with one phone which that being the Honor 8 and I start hearing talk of honor possibly not sending out anymore updates to the honor 8 which of course is not at all what I want to hear knowing that I finally decided on my long term device that I plan to use as my daily driver for quite a while now to come. Does anyone know or has anyone heard anything in regard to honor and the future of updates to this awesome flagship like device which I absolutely love. I would be highly let down if honor doesn't keep their initial promise which is two years worth of updates. I mean yes Huawei honor isn't big yet in the US but they will be coming officially in the next two years. I just don't see how they would just stop updating their current US market honor side flagship device. It would not make good business sense to totally not keep their promise on honors best US market device. Especially since they have already established a strong customer base with this particular device. Does anyone have any insight to this or thought and advice on this matter by chance? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank if it's just a peace of mind. Technically the Honor 8 should receive Oreo and EMUI 6.0. I absolutely love Huawei Honor and I personally think just like they've gone on record stating that they will in fact take over the number one smart phone company world wide within four to five years. Right now they go between number two the number three depending on different reports you read. Any feedback on the state of the Honor 8 would be very much appreciated. I hope they keep their promise as this device according to my new plan will be in my use for a long while to come now so if they were to all the sudden stop updates before the full two years ran out would be a very very bad business decision with them being on the verge of officially entering in to the US market full blown with ties to all four major carriers. Thanks for any help and your thoughts on this.

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