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Having Networking Connecting Issues


AC Question

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 from AT&T. I've had it for a year and a half. Recently (1 month or so) I've noticed that all of my signal has dropped to emergency only. At the beginning I would lose signal for a few hours. I would be able to reboot and get signal again.

The problem has gotten progressively worse. In the last week this is the second time it has occurred and I haven't had signal on my phone for 2 days now.

I consider myself fairly technologically savvy. I looked online and found that I could change network settings through *#*#4636#*#*. When my phone is working, "Set preferred network type:" is set to LTE/GSM auto (PRL). When it's broken it's either set to unkown or CDMA only. I've tried every combination and I've tried turning off and on the radio signal. I've also tried factory resetting, flashing the ROM, and other tricks.

I went to AT&T and they looked into it. We replaced the sim card. No luck. I went to Best Buy and another phone repair store. Inconclusive. Someone said the SIM card reader may be broken, and that it's not replaceable because its soldered to the motherboard.

Every time my signal came back it was from my phone randomly rebooting and finding signal. I believe this is more of a software issue rather than a physical phone issue. I'd rather not dump ~$400 for a new phone. Any help would be appreciated.