Having problem getting into Huawei M865 recovery menu

Larry Cronin

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Jul 17, 2014
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Hey. Thanks for checking out my post.

Rooted this phone in January. Used Poot / Ministro. Everything went fine. Installed SU and Titanium Backup. I was seeking to change the ROM but held off until the other day because I wanted a fully functioning phone, not half the features.

So I installed CWM which was 4 something version and decided on a ROM. Put the ROM on my SD card and found that I cannot get into the boot menu, cannot factory restore and cannot boot this thing even using the ADT bundle I have on my PC.

Nothing works for this. Power on and Volume up will leave phone on the white Huawei screen. Power and Volume down starts phone normally. ( there is a twist). If I try to boot from CWM we get hung up on the white screen as well as trying to boot from the ADT command prompt screen. I even put an app QUICK BOOT on the phone with no success. Have tried with SD in and out. The twist is that I cannot get this phone to properly start. It always kicks out a huawei android keyboard error and gets stuck in the green loop. I have to try literally 100 times to get the phone to sucessfully start. I remember having this problem a ways back and chose to never shut the phone down to avoid this. This issue happens also with the SD in or out.

Anyone have a clue how to get me on the right track?

Pretty frustrating for simple stuff.


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