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Jun 1, 2012
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Hi and welcome! I am new, too! I am sort of new to Android, having purchased a Toshiba tablet earlier this year, and have now migrated from a Samsung (proprietary OS) cell phone to an Android (starter smart) cell phone from LG.

The tablet experience was a nice stepping-stone to an Android phone. I kind of know the basics of navigating the interface and had a chance to try out apps running on my home network, before committing to downloading them and running them on a mobile phone. I am fairly particular about what I run. I'm an old school programmer and systems analyst by trade, (knowing that just that description dates me totally!) and I tend to still partition my time among my work at my office, my travel time, and my down time. I admit that I do play a few games -- but am a fan of good adventure games, and they seem to be a dying genre.

I'm mostly here to learn about new and promising apps, how-tos for being more productive with an Android device, and to help out when and where I can. ;)

Good to be here!

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