Help: Black screen after bootanimation [water damage]


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Mar 8, 2014
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hello please help me with my moto g. i droppeid into the water then it startet bootlooping, and after a while it shut down.
them i went home, put it in a bag of rice for a day, after that the phone wouldnt either boot or charge(only led blinking)
so i decided to open it myself up and tore it down to clean it with a tooth brush and alcohol.
after that, the phone could charge and the batteri icon displayed normally.
i can get into fastboot mode (volume down and power), and can access the recovery menu.
whenever i select "factory" option on bootmenu, the phone reboots itself
whenever i go inside "recovery" and try to "wipe cache partition", the phone restarts itself (doesnt wipe anything, just directly restarts)
and after every single restart or manual normal boot, the phone displays a black screen (backlight is on, though) after the boot animation.

then i unlocked the bootloader and tried flashing the official Movistar Peru 4.3 JB rom with the flashall.bat, and i get no errors during the process, but still get the black screen
i had updated via ota to 4.4.2, but any 4.4.2 rom i try to flash fails (hab check failed for recovery, for boot, for system, invalid system imave, etc etc). so all i can do is flash official 4.3 roms (i guess?)
also, if i try to relock the bootloader with "fastboot oem lock begin" etc etc, even the process outputs a "locked!" at the end, the bootloader status code still remains 3.
i am ocassionally getting random blue screens out of the sudden.
please help me, i dont know what else to do. if possible, i'd like to remain at stock recovery and stock rom, but if not possible i will follow any solution that brings my phone back to life.

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