HELP! Cracked glass on phone forcing me contemplate options


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Nov 10, 2018
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After 3+ years of being my fellow loyal digital companion, my Google Motorola Nexus 6 has recently suffered the misfortune of falling out of my pocket and hitting the ground which has caused the screen to crack badly. The LCD display itself does not seem to have been affected.

I haven't upgraded the phone because... I have had no need to. The software is up-to-date with the latest that Lineage OS has to offer, which currently is Android 8.1 (I think) with work already ongoing to migrate to the new v9; the charge still lasts me a full day of regular use (which, at ~2h screen time, isn't very demanding anyway), and the phone is still generally fast enough.

The goddamned cracked screen is a different matter though, and I just can't do with it. I would like to ask the community what my options are, realistically. Having lightly researched into it, I'll get the ball rolling. I've come up with the following:

* replacing just the glass and reusing the existing LCD is a VERY involved process which requires specialised equipment; also seemed totally beyond my skills from what I could see on Youtube and there's a real risk that I'll kill the LCD display.

* getting the phone repaired by professionals would cost an absurd amount of money as those I've contacted refuse to just replace the screen and are only willing to replace the LCD display.

* I've seen fairly cheap LCD displays on Ebay (from China) but I suspect these are of low quality. I do think I could manage the replacement myself if I could find a display that I knew was a match to the OEM, but won't accept a downgrade in quality. Price range seems okay.

* A bonus to the repair-yourself route is that opening up the phone would enable me to replace the battery, thus effectively reverting the phone to its original condition in terms of screen time/charge duration.

* The other option is to just give up and accept that, well, this is 2018 and it might make sense to just go and get that OnePlus 6T that recently caught my eye... but I hear the in-screen fingerprint sensor, while a great technological improvement, doesn't quite hit all the notes in real use terms and I fear it may be a little too slow for me when I'm in a "state of flow" (if you will) and just want the think unlocked and not have to fiddle with it.

So... what do you guys think? Do I repair the loyal Nexus 6 and, if so, how; which route do I take? On the other hand, might it be best to just get the OnePlus 6T? Even better, perhaps it might make sense to wait until the OnePlus 7 is out next year, hoping that the screen unlocking mechanics will have been improved by then*?


* BTW: is a new processor expected next year and might the OnePlus use it?


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Jul 30, 2018
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A quick answer. 3+ year old phone? Replace it if you can afford it and keep the old phone as a standby.


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Nov 22, 2014
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A new processor is expected every year. Since Samsung manufactures it, they get it first, then everybody else.

OnePlus 7 will be the one to get the new chip for them.

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