Help please? Do Not Disturb automatic rules not ending properly

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I have a Moto Z2 Play updated to the latest security patch (Android 8.0.0, February 2019 patch)

I have automatic rules set for Do Not Disturb every night. The phone is supposed to automatically turn on DND settings at 10pm and turn them off at 7am the next morning.

The phone seems to turn the settings on every night perfectly fine, but for unknown reasons, sometimes the DND settings remain on during the day until manually turn them off.

I say "sometimes" because some days the settings work fine, and other days I have to turn them off manually. I can't figure out a pattern or cause.

Within Do Not Disturb settings, I have it set so that certain contacts can get through, and that alaerms will make sound. However, I haven't had anyone call or an alarm override the settings as of yet.

Moto has settings outside of Android that allow the phone to be flipped to activate Do Not Disturb, and I have that turned on.

Ideas would be greatly appreciated, I sometimes go halfway through a day without realizing I'm missing emails.