HELP..Power Amp Music player

Teddy Jenkins

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Jun 26, 2013
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Hi Guys,

i am pretty use to all the features on this app but getting some issues with Bass and it being too distorted. My head phones are Monster Wh 930 Purity HD.

i found this on FAQ page but not sure if i understand it.

So does it mean i should have Direct Volume Control (DVC) on or not?

im running the normal stock on my S4. PLEASE HELP

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Poweramp 2.0 uses Direct Volume Control (DVC) by default on 2.3+ mid-to-high end devices. On stock ROMs this produces much better audio output due to the extended dynamic range, this especially helps to get extra powerful bass and also maximum loudness of Poweramp is not limited by preamp and equals to stock player(s).

Still, many custom ROM, while supporting DVC, can fail with it. This is quite understandable, as AFAIK no other app uses new Android 2.3+ audio system at the level Poweramp does. We tested Poweramp 2.0 on many devices on stock ROMs to be sure it works perfectly on these, but it's physically impossible to test every custom ROM + device combination due to the massive devices and android versions/rom fragmentation.

In this case it's advised to disable Direct Volume Control in Poweramp Settings => Audio Engine => Advanced Tweaks.

This returns Poweramp audio engine back to Poweramp 1.4 (of couse, Limiter, StereoX and Mono/Balance are still available in that mode).
Overtime custom ROMs (I hope) will be tested against Poweramp (and actually, few other apps which uses Android 2.3+ audio API, these are quite rare, though), and DVC could be enabled for such ROMs to get much better sound.