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Apr 29, 2011
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Okay....so I used to load custom Win 6.5 ROMs on an Omnia years ago, but it was fairly simple and I don't remember the process, either.

I've been waiting to root this Thunderbolt and load a ROM for the latest OTA to come out, and now I have updated it.

As such, I THINK I don't have to update the radio, since I technically have the most updated radio...right?

I have rooted with Revolutionary.

I want as stable a ROM as possible with battery life that won't be worse than what I have now. I'd like Sense 3.0 and a working Market and NFL Mobile and MyVerizon.

Now that I've done the OTA and the Revolutionary root, do you have a ROM recommendation for me? Also, what is the most brainless way to load it? I'm a school administrator with three kids under nine, so I have practically no free time and I will be reloading apps and reconfiguring them on the sly in the bathoom, lol. I had a great experience with Adryn's roms on Win6.5, but I'm hearing that the latest BAMF is actually a downgrade from the current radio.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance....

Andrew Ruffolo

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Jan 5, 2010
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Radio/ROM are separate. Both get flashed in the RUU, but you flash them differently if you are going the custom route. I think the last ROM that was 3.0 and had all the stuff working (as well as awesome battery life) was this one:
[GINGERBREAD] Das BAMF Sense 3.0 RC4.9
Its based off of a much older, Gingerbread leak, but more things worked (go figure... thanks VZW)


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Feb 1, 2011
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If you accepted the latest update then you don't need to change your radio. You can change to different radios if need be. Can all be found here: Radios!!

The latest BAMF Forever ROM is very good, and Cyber Warriors sticky guide here on installing/backing up ROMS is loaded with a ton of useful. I'd be careful about restoring data to a new ROM though. Especially system data which could cause some problems.

Also the latest Forever ROM is based off of 2.11.605.0 There is very little difference between it and the .3 build, and is suggested not even worth an upgrade. There is a patch that will take you to the ota build on Forever if needed.

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