How can I change which camera the lockscreen shortcut opens?

Manuel Kim

May 10, 2014
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I used to be able to do this but I can't remember how I got it done. I think after installing a third party camera app, the next time I swiped the camera shortcut on the lockscreen, I was prompted to select a default camera app to always open. But this prompt does not show up anymore. No matter which third party camera app I have installed, swiping the shortcut now always opens the S5 stock camera, which I hate to use. How can I change this?

Also, while we're on the topic of cameras, I need with something: Google Camera keeps crashing if I tap the screen to focus repeatedly while flash is ON with an error message that reads: "Cannot connect to the camera". Anybody else having the same problem? How do I fix it?

Lastly, my phone will always flash twice before taking a picture if flash is on. Once for focusing, and then again to take a picture. A lot of the time, mostly in low light conditions, the pause between focusing and snapping is way too long (like 2 or 3 seconds) This is really annoying and it happens with all camera apps I've used. How do I make it so that the flash stays all the way through?

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