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How can I disable "chat" when text messaging?


AC Question

I did a search on this issue, but didn't find any answers. Some text messages I send/receive are "text" type, and some are "chat" type. The issue here is when I use Google to "read text messages from so and so", ONLY the "text" type messages show up (or are read), everything of "chat" type, don't even show up. So I miss a HUGE chunk of messages unless they're of "text" type (most are chat, not text).
Same thing in Samsung's "Car Mode", if you choose to display or read "text" messages, ONLY the "text" type show up.
So I want to just disable this "feature" if possible, but I can't find anything on it and Samsung support is useless.


New member
Dec 25, 2015
I have the same issue. I use airdroid, and anyone who sends me a message over chat, doesn't pop up on my phone.