How can I fix a Wi-Fi stability issue?

Zeek Fox

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Aug 5, 2015
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Wi-Fi stability issue

So I'm having a problem with my phone staying connected to the internet through the Wi-Fi connection. It didn't used to have this problem, and I don't know what changed. Anyway, here's what happens. I'll start out connected to the Wi-Fi. Internet works fine and everything. Maybe 5 minutes later, while I'm still connected to the Wi-Fi network, I'll have zero internet connection, and trying to access a webpage in Chrome gives me dns_probe_finished_no_internet. I know my router isn't messed up, because my PC is connected to it via wireless card and will still be working just fine. But my Galaxy S5 refuses to access the internet until I toggle the Wi-Fi. Turning it off and back on will make it reconnect, and things will work fine, until they don't again. This is terribly inconvenient, and I can't figure out what's making it happen. I did search, and I don't have that "smart network switch" option checked.

Anyone else have this problem and know what's going on? Or have some possible solutions?