How can I fix unfortunately context services have stopped?


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unfortunately context services have stopped

Help please, I keep getting this "unfortunately context services have stopped and I can send tests or look at my pictures, I've tried reseting my phone but it's still doing it , I get a security notification saying unauthorized activity has been found restart it it correct. When I do in the top it say recovery reboot, but after the it restarts it says android update apps 2 of 2, it does this every time nothing changes, and it never us to do this , now before all this I used a program Dr fone to try to recover a video I deleted, didn't work. And now this is happening did this program do this ? How do I fix this ? I have a Samsung Galaxy s5


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Jan 26, 2013
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Re: unfortunately context services have stopped

I've tried reseting my phone but it's still doing it
What does this mean? How did you reset the phone... did you "factory reset" the phone?

I've heard of Dr Fone messing up peoples phones to the point I don't trust it.

In the event that something is seriously wrong with your phone, you may need to factory reset it. A factory reset will wipe all data from the phone, so before you proceed with anything below, be sure to back up your data... pictures, videos, etc.

Can your phone start up normally at all? If it can, try starting your phone in Safe Mode. While in safe mode, uninstall Dr Fone. After you've done this, turn off the phone. Then, power up the phone into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. Then, restart the phone. THIS LINK shows how to start the phone in Safe mode and recovery mode.